Superwhizz is the only institute which secured 55 All India 1st Ranks in CA and ICWA.... Please note, Superwhizz 1st Ranks are not District or State Ranks, but All India level.... Also note these Ranks aren’t in one group, one subject, essay writing, quiz competition.... Please note that other institutions mention only 1st Ranks, but not All India 1st Ranks....

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Superwhizz Alumni Nework

Superwhizz brings you a unique go-to platform where you can get connected to your fellow alumni, recent Chartered Accountants and your seniors. It is an amazing opportunity for everyone who is looking to stay updated with the latest waves related to your career in the market and have an unmatched learning capacity. You will have exclusive access to all the professionals graduated from Superwhizz, be it any part of the world, on a single platform where you can connect with them. This will enable each of you to exchange the useful information which otherwise might not be possible. In addition, you also receive invitations for any events that are being organised and you yourself can organise a reunion among yourselves. Chat with your peers and also form groups of your interest.

All this on a single platform and you are just a click away !!

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