Superwhizz is an institution that has been created by Mr. M. A.Gupta, a firm believer of conventional and customary practices being adopted in training and coaching for years. An FCA, who took up teaching as a profession since 1992. Someone who believes in a teaching methodology that relates to human brains, which possesses reserves of untapped intellectual, psychological and physical resources. The empowerment of the software created by Mr. Gupta has been the propelling force behind the high quality of learning experience at Superwhizz.

          His intense urge to bring about a sea of radical change in the traditional teaching techniques and pedagogies has culminated in the form of this institution. A humble beginning of an institute that was destined to produce professionals with CA, ICWA and CS qualifications, apart from grooming the aspirants of competitive examinations like MBA, MCA. The level and extent to which capabilities are developed in a person are recognized by the concepts of talent and genius.

          Since no objective criteria are presently available to define the appropriate level of abilities, further discrimination between talent and genius will have to proceed in the terms of the products. It was evident that to have a vision was not enough. Effective governance and quality education were seen as critical aspects. From the very start Mr. Gupta introduced the concept of innovative technologies where the students play an equally important role in administering the diverse of the Institute.This coupled with groundbreaking new techniques of logic, retention,and recall have all served in vindicating Mr Guptas stand as an educator without compare.The fact that the students of Superwhizz score not only the highest ranks consistently but also go on to become leaders in their respective fields is testament to the excellence advocated by Mr Gupta and practiced at Superwhizz.Mr Gupta affectionately known in academic circles as "Guru Of CA" is notable not only for his contribution to the country's accountant growth but also for his philanthropy and kindheartedness.

          Many of us by seeing the most successful people in the world will appreciate for their luck. But Mr. Gupta strongly believes that each and every person in the world is blessed with the same brain capacity and 24 hours a day, its how we make use of it will make the difference.

   Brain Capacity

          His goal is not only to enable students to pass in CA exam but also to help them succeed in life. So he has conducted General motivation classes for students, namely Biofeed, BioBooster. And he also deleveloped study methods viz .. GPR, SM, NP, DB, ZEN, AG, IT, FINGER, BIOFEED,...... and many more to raise even average students to All India Level Rankers. With these he has Conducted more than 200+ seminars and counselled nearly 6,18,000 aspiring students on career guidelines installing a bright future in their lives, absolutely free.

Seminars & Achievements:

          NATS Atlanta chapter hosted a seminar on Human Success by Mr. M.A. Gupta, the director of SuperWhizz in the month of March, 2013. The seminar was on DNA Tuning for success using the SM Technique. This seminar is a part of a nationwide program and have been conducted in 4 cities, starting with New Jersey, followed by Atlanta and moving on to LA and Dallas.


          The session lasting more than four hours kept the audience enthralled with content interlaced with anecdotal inferences and comedic interludes of daily experiences. The hall was packed and the audience who were paying rapt attention even after four hours were wanting more. He talked about the need to have a positive frame of mind and how anyone can achieve their goals with simple steps.

Anil Class

          To boost up the confidence in blind students Mr. Gupta in front of 300 students have blind foldedly solved costing problems for 90 Minutes and proved the Brain Capacity to them. With his support Mr.Anil, a blind student have achieved success in CA for which the then President, Mr. Abdul Kalam applauded Mr Gupta for his innovative scientific techniques through his official website.

Blindfold Class Anil Class

          Mr Gupta developed UHR method through which even an average student can read the material nearly 15 times faster than the actual time. This technique even helped the students to get ranks in IAS & IPS namely Ms Tulasi & Mr Subrahmanyam. Mr Gupta takes up classes for Civils students(Main) at AP Study Circle ,Hyderabad.

   Civils Class

          The Governor of Illinois, USA is all praise for the excellency award conferred on Mr. Gupta which he recieved at TANA meeting in 2009.

Illinois Governer Tana Award

Troy Class    

          Mr Gupta's seminar with the slogan "Gelupugeetha geesuko, Brahmaratha Maarchuko" had mesmerized the citizens of Troy, a city in America who have overwhelmed with joy upto 11:30 pm, even when cyclonic warnings are being announced on Radio.


          Mr Gupta received an award in Troy, USA for introducing innovative and scientific methods into the modern educational pedagogy.

   Troy Award