Superwhizz is the only institute which secured 55 All India 1st Ranks in CA and ICWA.... Please note, Superwhizz 1st Ranks are not District or State Ranks, but All India level.... Also note these Ranks aren’t in one group, one subject, essay writing, quiz competition.... Please note that other institutions mention only 1st Ranks, but not All India 1st Ranks....

Our Founder & Chairman


MA Gupta

Chairman & Managing Director

Our Founder & Chairman

M.A Gupta, an FCA himself, founded Superwhizz in 1992 to help students improve their standard of living. He strongly believes that proper education is the best gift one can give so he dedicated his life to it.

Superwhizz started during a time when the awareness of CA was dramatically low. There were very few people pursuing the degree. Mr. Gupta realised that there are a lot of students who could greatly improve their lives if they pursued the CA path. So he set out to create awareness about CA and ended up literally creating the vast sector of Charted Accountancy education in India. Mr. Gupta’s efforts made millions of people know about CA and lakhs of people to pursue the CA path and other related paths in commerce. As a result, numerous students,from across the country, were able to rise through the income ladder and totally change their lives.

Mr Gupta strongly sticks to the values and principles that he built Superwhizz around. Under his direction, the organisation has had a strong focus on leveraging technology to give students a unique and highly effective learning experience.

He has dedicated decades to researching and creating his own education philosophy and the best educational systems that result in exceptional outcomes for the students of Superwhizz. He, along with his team, have created numerous education techniques like GPR, SM, NP, DB, ZEN, AG, IT, FINGER, BIOFEED that greatly improve learning outcomes of our students.

The unconventional teaching and learning methods that you hear about from Superwhizz students are also a result of the direction of Mr. Gupta.

If you have attended any of the 400+ free career guidance seminars given by Mr Gupta, you would have understood his expertise and passion towards helping students with their career. He believes in going all out when it comes to supporting students so he spends a lot of time and resources in providing life long support for his students. That’s why so many students stay very close to him and Superwhizz even decades after they graduated.

His goal is to impact many more students in bigger and better ways.

Seminars & Achievements:

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    "Receiving appreciation from Dr A P J Abdul Kalam"

    The worth and even fresh achievement till today would be the visually challenged student named Mr Anil has got a success in CA examination with Mr Gupta’s support. The Then Indian president Mr. Abdul Kalam praised Mr Gupta for his innovative, scientific techniques through his official website. The appreciation is indeed a chunk of garland among all achievements till today.

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    "Mr Abdul Kalam praised Mr Gupta"

    The Then Indian president Mr Abdul Kalam praised Mr Gupta for his innovative, scientific techniques through his official website.

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    "Applaud from The Governer of Illinois, USA"

    Another feather in his cap was added in recognition of Mr Gupta’s academic excellence. The Governor of Illinois, USA is all praise for the excellency award conferred on Mr Gupta which he received at TANA meeting in 2009.

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    "NATS Success seminars at USA"

    Mr Gupta is a very passionate speaker who makes people achieve their goals and to get more fulfilment out of their lives. The most remembered seminar by Superwhizz Director Mr. Gupta hosted by on ‘Human Success’ of NATS Atlanta took place in the month of March 2013. The seminar was on DNA Tuning for success using the SM Technique. This seminar is a part of a nationwide program and has been conducted in 4 cities, New Jersey, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Dallas.

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    "Receiving the award at Troy, USA"

    Another achievement ……. Mr. Gupta received an award in Troy, USA for introducing innovative and scientific methods into the modern educational pedagogy.

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    "Receiving Excellency Award at TANA, USA"

    The Governor of Illinois, USA is all praise for the excellency award conferred on Mr. Gupta which he recieved at TANA meeting in 2009.

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    "Troy Seminar"

    Mr Gupta's seminar with the slogan "Gelupugeethageesuko, BrahmarathaMaarchuko" had mesmerized the citizens of Troy, a city in America who were overwhelmed with joy upto 11:30 pm, even when cyclonic warnings were being announced on the Radio. His slogan is utter-able at the lips of each and every citizen of Troy in America, till today.

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    "Seminar of UHR method"

    Again no wonder Mr Gupta developed UHR method through which even an average student can read the material nearly 15 times faster than the actual time. This technique even helped the students get ranks in IAS & IPS namely Ms Tulasi & Mr Subrahmanyam. Mr Gupta takes up classes for Civils students (Main) at AP Study Circle ,Hyderabad.

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    "Teaching Blindfolded"

    With the spell bound audience and students at AP Study Circle, Hyd