Superwhizz is the only institute which secured 55 All India 1st Ranks in CA and ICWA.... Please note, Superwhizz 1st Ranks are not District or State Ranks, but All India level.... Also note these Ranks aren’t in one group, one subject, essay writing, quiz competition.... Please note that other institutions mention only 1st Ranks, but not All India 1st Ranks....

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Since its founding in 1992, Superwhizz has been dedicated to providing the best possible education for CA & ICWA. As a result of our non-traditional methods and excessive efforts, students of Superwhizz have created numerous records. In an industry in which an institute is considered great if they bag 55 All India Ranks, Superwhizz has 55 All India 1st ranks in its pocket. Superwhizz has a total of 1807 All India Ranks and this is an order of magnitude more than any other CA institute in the country. The Superwhizz experience is not only exceptional in creating national rankers, but also in significantly increasing every students chances of success. The Superwhizz system makes our our students 8.3 times more likely to finish the degree than the industry average.

Although the fees of various institutions keep soaring, Superwhizz has always had a low fees structure to enable even students from the rural parts of the country to pursue CA and transform their lives. That’s why Superwhizz has lakhs of students that come from all across India.

All of this is possible because, over the past 30 years, Superwhizz has meticulously created and improved its own education philosophy, education techniques, methods and systems that are based on formal and practical education and psychology research to create the best possible outcomes for every single student.

Another pillar of our success is leveraging technology by injecting it into our educational system to make it even more powerful. From special learning management software to data science, Superwhizz has been an early adopter and continues to stay so.

The best faculty in India, combined with the many unconventional teaching and learning methods introduced by Superwhizz, give an huge edge to our students over others.

As part of the learning, Superwhizz students go through a job training program that has been designed and improved by Superwhizz over the years by working closely with potential employers to make students not just exam-ready but job-ready as well.

Superwhizz strives to create an experience in which every student feels like he has a personal pit crew to support him and propel him to success.

Superwhizz students have achieved 1807 All India Ranks

This is atleast 10 times more than any other CA & ICWA institute in the country. Superwhizz has the highest number of All India Ranks in all the 3 stages.


Ranks In
1st Stage


Ranks In
2nd Stage


Ranks In
3rd Stage


All India Ranks